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Monday, 12-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It's My Convocation!!

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Sunday, 4-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tosh & Tawaf's wedding =)

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To answer the question, Tosh, no, I am not the least bit surprised that you two is already married. I'm not surprised that amongst my close guy friends, you decided to end your bachelor status. Hehe

In fact, aku sangat gembira. To have my close guy friends finally meeting their purpose in life, and for you Tosh, sincerely, I'm glad it's Tawaf. Seriously, I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for you than the sweet, adorable new wife of yours.

And to Tawaf, we hand over the simply irritating task of melayan our dear friend Tosh. Hikhik. Tosh, stokin jgn tinggal sepah2 kat rumahlaa... Siap ko kalau buli Tawaf!!

Saturday, 3-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Syakimah & Set's wedding

Linda (sambil mengepoh), Emmy & Rose
Hapis & Izzady (oh, for the record, it's Aleah's BF =)
Miss Ezrin & Aleah sementara beratur nak amik nasik..
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Finally, another one of my best friend is married. I never thought that Syakimah would be amongst the earliest to get married in our circle of friends. Hehe. Of course I thought it's gonna be Linda first! Nways, jodoh Syak dah sampai. Alhamdulillah, selamat dah sorang lagi kawan i...

As on the groom.. what should I say? Set is very likable on the first instance. From the first time we've met, he automatically blended in the group. (although him and me = we could not jumpa sekalipun without bertekak laa kan...) But hey, I was making sure that my friend is getting the best in her life. Like everybody always said, "if the partner manages to get through me, then he/she will definitely be accepted in the group.

I definitely cannot wait to get yet another baby in our life

p/s : owh, yes, these were taken kat rumah set kat Serting. On the saem day that we all terkocoh2 nak kejarkan wedding Tosh kat Seremban pulak.. Nways, Tosh's wedding pics, i will upload tomorrow, you don't worry. Later!!

Friday, 18-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my happiest moment --> McD + frens.. =)

wit my beLoved kakak
wit my beLoved adik
View all 6 photos... has been soo long since i actually have the chance to go dinner wit my dearest friends...honors programme is killing me!! (sbb i dun hav time to meet up my frens anymore..)

so today klas habis awal!! haha. sangat gembira terus haruk my beLoved kak zura n adik sha to go McD wit me. erm. i loVe these rare chance of spending time wit them... puts me back into reality..time untuk menyetan...hehe


Sunday, 13-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
makan-makan kat uptown..

the happy couple..
feZuL + maeL
bebudak prasan nih..
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erm..i woke up sunday morning..and then suddenly i realizes that i miss my SRP frens..huhuu... so i called tosh..hehe. happy jugaklaa when he agreed to lepak2 mlm tuh kat uptown (minuslaa the fact that he bls my msg lambat gile...) the story goes.. met MaeL..setelaj sekian lamenye..hehe. sangat happy
i went back that night with this one new azam...hihi. to go and lepak wit at least one old fren every weekend..whenever i have the chance to.

boleh ke nih..??

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